The Great Suspender for Windows

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Increase the speed of Chrome

The Great Suspender is a Chrome extension that suspends tabs to conserves memory. Keeping memory low will increase your machine’s performance and preserve battery life on laptops. The Great Suspender is an excellent extension for anyone who opens many tabs at once.

The Great Suspender’s main features are suspending the current tab, suspending all tabs, or reloading all tabs. Suspended pages will change to a large yellow bar that contain the page’s title, url, and favicon (stretched out into a blurry 100x100 image). Pages can be restored by clicking directly on them or refreshing. Generally you will experience large performance boosts by suspending three or more tabs, especially those that contain flash elements or streaming videos.

The Great Suspender also has a few options to customize. First you can opt to automatically suspend tabs that have been idle between five minutes to twelve hours. The Great Suspender also has a whitelist that will prevent pages from being suspended. This whitelist can contain both full website addresses or just short key phrases.

The Great Suspender keeps a history of pages your system has suspended. Each entry includes a timestamp of when the suspension occurred. If you wish you can re-suspend or reload all pages from a previous day. With this feature you can park a whole set of tabs and unload them at a later date.

The Great Suspender also contains a screen capturing system using html2canvas script. However, at the moment this is experimental and does not always function correctly. Typically images will have missing sections or no image will generate at all; screen capturing also greatly increases Chrome’s memory, which is counterproductive to the extension. While this feature would be fun to play with, most users will find it unnecessary.

The Great Suspender is a superb way to speed up Chrome. Just avoid using the incomplete features.


  • Boosts browser speed
  • Can easily suspend or reload all open tabs
  • Keeps a histroy of suspened pages


  • Screen capturing doesn't always work
  • Stretches favicons

The Great Suspender for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 4.61
  • 3.8
  • (19)
  • Security Status

User reviews about The Great Suspender

  • David Pickett

    by David Pickett

    Great reducer of cpu use, but stopped working today -- crippleware?


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